The NFTY Finance Ecosystem Migration Announcement

NFTY Finance, the world's first permissionless Credit Market, is joining the Magnify.Cash family.

The NFTY Finance Ecosystem Migration Announcement
NFTY Finance joins the Magnify Cash family, the world's first permissionless credit market

Protocol Migration and Incentivized Open Beta

As of April 15, 2024, NFTY.Finance has begun its migration to Magnify.Cash. We have a brand new look, but that's not all. Our dApp's open beta is live on Base Sepolia Testnet so that NFTY supporters can get the first look at what is coming! Our team will be tracking testnet activity for the initial stage of our (TBA) early adopters incentive program.

The Migration to Magnify

Magnify.Cash (See below for what this means for NFTY Finance and the NFTY Token)

In order to start using the dApp, you'll need some Base Sepolia Testnet ETH as well as some other Testnet tokens and NFTs. Follow the steps in the Magnify.Cash Testnet Documentation, or go directly to this faucet, to get started.

Follow this guide if you need help adding Base Sepolia Testnet to your wallet's network list.

You can now try the Magnify.Cash Protocol Testnet Here: Early.Magnify.Cash

Next Steps:

NFTY Token Migration:

NFTY holders, don't worry! On May 6th, 2024, we will provide more details on how to migrate your tokens to the Magnify Cash ecosystem.

Magnify.Cash Mainnet:

The launch date for Magnify Cash's Mainnet will be announced on May 6th, 2024. Mark your calendar.

Try the Magnify Cash Open Beta Here Now at: Early.Magnify.Cash

Welcome to a more Magnified Future

We thank you for your continued support!

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