A Beginner's Guide to NFTY Finance

A Beginner's Guide to NFTY Finance

Navigating the universe of NFT lending might seem complex, but not with the right tools and guide.

Welcome to NFTY Finance - a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes how NFT lending works, powered by its pioneering "Loan Automatic Market Maker" (LAMM) model.

This guide will lead you through the basics of getting started with NFTY Finance and lend against NFTs or borrow, using NFTs as collateral.

1. Understanding NFTY Finance

Before diving into the practical steps, it’s essential to understand NFTY Finance's core concepts.

  • The platform enables anyone to create a 'Lending Desk,' setting their parameters like loan amount, duration, and interest rate against NFTs from specific collections.
  • The Lending Desk can be thought of as a personalized lending hub, matching borrowers with lenders based on their respective criteria.

2. Setting Up Your Wallet

To interact with NFTY Finance, you'll need a digital wallet that supports Ethereum-based transactions, such as MetaMask. Ensure your wallet is loaded with enough ETH to cover potential loans and transaction fees.

3. Creating Your Lending Desk

Visit NFTY Finance’s platform and navigate to the "Create Lending Desk" option. Specify the parameters for your Lending Desk: the token as well as the NFT collections you are willing to lend against, and finally your lending terms (amount, duration, and interest rate ranges). This sets up the environment for your autonomous pawnshop.

4. Issuing Loans

After creating your Lending Desk, you're ready to issue loans. Borrowers can select your Lending Desk from an aggregator, provided their loan request matches your preset parameters. Once a match is found, the loan is automatically issued, and the borrower’s NFT is locked as collateral in escrow.

5. Managing Your Lending Desk

You have the flexibility to adjust your Lending Desk parameters at any time. If the market conditions change or if you want to revise your lending strategy, feel free to modify the parameters accordingly.

6. Dealing with Defaults

In the event a borrower defaults, you will receive the NFT they put up as collateral. You can then decide to hold onto the NFT or liquidate it to recover your funds.

7. Profiting from Your Lending Desk

As loans are repaid, you receive both the principal and the accrued interest, providing a potentially significant revenue stream. Remember, even in the case of defaults, you could turn a profit by acquiring valuable NFT collateral.

Remember, NFTY Finance is all about empowering you, the user, to take charge of your lending practices. Whether you're an individual NFT holder or an NFT collection owner, NFTY Finance offers an innovative platform to explore the world of NFT lending, driven by your own rules.


As exciting as the NFT lending landscape may be, remember that it also involves risks. The volatility of the NFT market and the dynamic nature of loan parameters can influence your outcomes. Always conduct thorough research and consider seeking advice from financial professionals before making any significant lending decisions.