Celebrating Our Global Community: The NFTY Journey and Vietnam's Crypto Boom

Celebrating Our Global Community: The NFTY Journey and Vietnam's Crypto Boom

From the moment NFTY was launched, it quickly gained international recognition, particularly in Southeast Asia, and notably in Vietnam. This rapid rise to prominence was an exhilarating milestone, yet it also brought about unique challenges.

NFTY's Rise in Vietnam

The NFTY founding team, while deeply committed and enthusiastic, grappled with a language barrier as we were not fluent in Vietnamese. Despite earnest efforts to foster and expand the NFTY Vietnam community, we faced hurdles in managing its rapid growth. We want to assure our community that we exerted our best efforts to navigate these challenges and are steadfastly committed to enhancing our approach to better serve not only our Vietnamese community but our international community at large.

The essence of NFTY lies in its global community. Our international users form the cornerstone of NFTY. With over 15,000 holders, NFTY has historically been one of the most frequently traded tokens on BNB. This is a testament to the unwavering dedication and strength of our overseas community.

As we chart our path forward, we are wholeheartedly committed to bolstering our support for our international users. We are exploring a range of strategies, including language support and localized community management, to ensure we can effectively meet the needs of our diverse user base. The end goal is that the product and community will be easily available across the world.

The Crypto Boom in Vietnam

The "Vietnam Crypto Market Report 2022" revealed that 16.6 million Vietnamese own digital currencies, with Bitcoin being the most popular asset. This represents approximately 17% of the country's population, underscoring the significant role Vietnam plays in the global crypto market.

Chainalysis' "2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index" further highlighted Vietnam's prominence, ranking it as the world's leader in cryptocurrency adoption with a perfect score of 1.000. This achievement is partly attributed to the high interest in blockchain-based games in the region, a sector where NFTY is poised to make significant contributions.

Vietnam is also home to several globally recognized blockchain projects, with seven of the top 200 blockchain organizations founded by Vietnamese. These include popular entities like Axie Infinity, Coin98, and Kyber Network.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for being part of this exciting journey. Your support propels our mission to make NFTY a truly global platform. Together, we are transforming NFTY from a token into a global community.

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