NFTY BNB Migration

NFTY BNB Migration

NFTY BNB Migration Announcement

Due to the malfunction of the Multichain bridge, a significant portion of the NFTY supply is currently trapped on the BNB Multichain bridge. As a result, we're moving the NFTY Token to new contracts.

BNB Chain & Multichain Bridge Adjustments

The Multichain bridge's discontinuation, which served as a vital link for token issuers, has resulted in NFTY tokens being inaccessible on the chain. We're now redirecting liquidity from DEXs on the BNB Chain, paving the way for a wider migration. Read more here:

Rewards & Engaging Our Community

Even during the migration, token holders can continue to benefit from staking on BNB. Checkout the staking dapp here. We're also planning a snapshot to ensure all NFTY community members are accurately represented.

Migration Phases

Our migration process is structured in phases. Phase 1 is foundational. As we progress through each phase, we pledge to keep our community in the loop. Regular updates will be provided to guide everyone through this pivotal transition.

In summary, the NFTY Token Migration marks a fresh chapter for NFTY Finance, highlighting our resilience and commitment. Keep an eye out for more updates as the NFTY narrative progresses.

Active liquidity providers

For active liquidity providers supporting BNB NFTY liquidity, we highly advise that you remove your liquidity from any pools.

Please note: NFTY BNB is still tradeable on at this time.

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