NFTY Finance Weekly Update: Expanded Token Support & Features

NFTY Finance Weekly Update: Expanded Token Support & Features

One question the team always asks is, "How can we make NFTY Finance even more robust?" With this in mind, we are excited to share with you some new enhancements and features to the protocol.

A major win this week was the support of all NFTs and tokens. This includes the support of ERC-1155 NFTs. We hope these new additions will help create a seamless match between borrowers and lenders.

Below you can find a list of all of our updates and features implemented this week👇👇

NFTY Finance is on a short hold for pushing any new DApp deployments in part of our Chapter 2 roadmap. These changes will be reflected a future deployment. 

New Features & Updates:

✨ Supporting all NFTs & tokens

We removed the whitelist system to ensure users can lend against any NFT using any ERC-20 as a liquidity shop fund choice!

🎉 ERC-1155 Addition 

As a part of supporting any NFT, we have added support for ERC-1155.

🤝 New Liquidity Shop Features

Users can now adjust “Liquidity Shop Terms” after the shop has already been created.

💰 Cash Out Method

Users can now specify the exact amount of funds they would like to withdraw from their liquidity shop.

💻 Improved Testing

As we continue to iterate on the protocol, test suites (bundle of focused testings) will continue to be a big emphasis and rolled out alongside feature developments.

Overall, the next few weeks will consist of a lot of behind the scenes work on the smart contracts to get them fully ready to go for a mainnet launch, as well as a full audit. We’re excited to be pushing through to be just in time to kick off NFT-Fi summer! 🔥

NFTY Finance Testnet NOW LIVE 🔴

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