NFTY Finance Weekly Update: Reaching New Heights

NFTY Finance Weekly Update: Reaching New Heights

In this week’s update, we’re bringing finalized designs, updates, testing, and exciting news. Each week, NFTY Finance reaches new heights in both performance and speed. A key feature, NFTY Notes, is no exception to this. We’re stoked to get the platform fueled up for mainnet launch! Let's dive in to some more updates. 👇

✨ Fresh Edits to the Gitbook

We've cleaned up & added new sections to the gitbook! Take a look here

🗒 Simplified NFTY Notes Design

The NFTY Notes contract has been drastically redesigned and simplified to allow for a faster path to mainnet. Learn more about NFTY Notes here

⚙️ DApp Updates

Most of the changes from the past month on the contract/backend level have been implemented into the DApp and related subgraph.

 💻 Internal Testing

We continue to expand testing coverage across all existing and new functionalities.

We expect the final public testnet to launch next Thursday, June 1st! This will be the final round of public beta testing before NFTY Finance is shipped for audits. Make sure to try the protocol and give your feedback next week.

NFTY Finance Testnet NOW LIVE 🔴

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