NFTY Finance Weekly Update: Revisions & Improvements

NFTY Finance Weekly Update: Revisions & Improvements

Another week in the books! In the previous product update, the final pushes to the original main protocol features were pushed. From opening a liquidity shop to requesting a loan, users can now test what NFTY Finance has to offer.

Outside of a knocking out a few minor issues and feedback reports we have received, the steps to building out what NFTY Finance will ultimately become are underway. Below you will find quick updates regarding where the team is surrounding these new feature and idea build-outs, as well as some codebase and infrastructure improvements.

Protocol Revisions

Initial set of features, change requests, and more have been approved for the final version of NFTY Finance. 

Infrastructure/Codebase Improvements 🛠️

  • Codebase consolidation: All major components of NFTY Finance are now in one repository (contracts, dApp, faucet, and subgraph).
  • Improved CI/CD: Code analysis tools have been upgraded to the latest tech standards. This will drastically cut down on development speed times, review processes, etc.
  • New infrastructure provider: This will improve deployment speed, collaborations, and more.

Testnet Bug Fixes 🐛

As always, the community has given us quick feedback and issue reports. We are actively working on these reports and will update everyone as soon as they are going live!

Overall, the remainder of May is shaping up to be a big one for NFTY as we rapidly finalize, implement, and innovate on the NFT borrow and lending front!

NFTY Finance Testnet NOW LIVE 🔴

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