NFTY Finance Weekly Update: Time for DeFi Summer

NFTY Finance Weekly Update: Time for DeFi Summer

Summer is coming in hot, which means the team is moving quicker than ever on the protocol front. From new features to robust integrations, we have a bunch to get into. June will be a big month for NFTY Finance, so stay tuned for specific dates to start landing as we kick off DeFi Summer. Let's jump in šŸ˜ŽšŸ‘‡

āš™ļø Finalized Pending Features

The team has finalized the bulk of the details for remaining features. Expect the last remaining features this month!

āš” Token Lists Implemention

The whitelist system for tokens has been removed, and we have added support for fetching open-source data from Token Lists

āœ… Improved NFT Data

We added a new frontend API provider to better support NFT balance tracking and more.

šŸš§ More DApp Updates

More changes from the past month on the contract/backend level have been implemented into the DApp and related subgraph.

šŸ¤‘ Wagmi V1

Upgraded to the latest WAGMI stable release which includes support for WalletConnect v2.

As always, thank you to our incredible community for testing NFTY Finance! Your feedback is an extreme help towards making NFTY Finance the most robust NFT finance platform on the market.

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