NFTY Finance Weekly Update: On the Road to Mainnet

NFTY Finance Weekly Update: On the Road to Mainnet

With productions moving steadily towards mainnet, we’re excited to share with you some updates regarding UI improvements and newly released functionalities. We’re constantly adding and working on new ideas every day to deliver you the most robust NFT borrow & lend platform on the market.

As always, we appreciate our passionate community's support and feedback. We look forward to hearing your reports and ideas.

Note: There are still a few minor UX tweaks in regards to things like page swaps and button presses. The team is working to wrap up these issues as soon as possible.

Homepage Upgrade 🔥

The new dApp landing page is here with live stats coming soon!

Borrower Functionalities 💰

Borrowers rejoice! We've added even more functionalities to the dApp including: loan requests, loan repayment, & dashboard.

Lender Functionalities 🤝

Lenders will now have access to liquidate a loan. 

We hope you're as excited for these new updates as we are. Next week, the team will finalize protocol design and additional feature requests, officially kicking off Chapter 2. The push for mainnet is on!

NFTY Finance Testnet NOW LIVE 🔴

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